The Spanish company, which launched earlier this month, has just announced a free iPad app. The app uses a sliding pane interface similar to Twitter’s iPad app, but for now it’s pretty bare bones. The same might be said for the company’s book selection at the present, at least based on the comment a reader named Michael left on our earlier post. He wrote:

Near as I could tell, almost all of their content consists of English-language works in the public domain. Covers for those books cleverly use some sort of random pattern generator. There are a few Spanish-language books with custom covers, and I’m guessing they’re the copyrighted titles in their collection. Either that or I was viewing a limited selection due to not being a premium customer.

24Symbols appears to be aware of this issue, based on this section from today’s announcement:

We are continuously adding books to our catalog with the goal of having 20,000 titles by the end of the year, and will reach important deals with major publishers and investors in the following months.


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