Manchurian Candidate - available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or elsewhereOthers agree. Prof. John Edwards will most likely run in 2008 for the presidency of the United States. So why his continued silence on copyright? Have Hollywood donations rendered him mute, until he reaches the White House and can blithely sign off on Bono– and DMCA-level atrocities? It’s really silly for someone as smart as Prof. Edwards to be leaving us in the dark, especially when he is so gung-ho on his populist act. Latest quote: “The Republicans value one thing and one thing alone–wealth. And they want to make sure that those who have it keep it.”

Hey, Professor, isn’t that what the copyright-term extension is all about–a transfer of billions over the years from ordinary folks to big, fat entertainment conglomerates and Gershwin heirs? Why the silence on Bono and the DMCA? May you not be the Manchurian Candidate for the Entertainment-Copyright Complex! If you are, remember the one thing that counts more than the mother’s milk of politics–votes. Best to read Darknet: Hollywood’s War against the Digital Generation if you don’t think your silence on Bono and the DMCA will hurt you in ’08.

If people want answers from Edwards and will ask questions in a polite way–no one should be blunt as I am here–they can email him c/o his anti-poverty center at the UNC Law School. Or try his podcast question form, where he promises to strive for answers to “each and every” question. Alas, that didn’t work when I gave it a shot. So far John Edwards has been better at merchandising himself through podcasts and the rest than at answering the most pressing questions about the Net-related copyright law.

Related: Former insider Edwards now running as outsider, in The Hill. Also check out John Edwards’ new videoblog–another place for you to ask about his stand on Bono and the DMCA.

Reminder: No vast or minor right-wing conspiracy. I voted for Kerry-Edwards last November and am a lifelong liberal Dem.


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