If you were curious how that $699 13.3” e-ink Android tablet I mentioned a couple of days ago would look in operation, Michael Kozlowski has linked to a YouTube video in which he puts the engineering demo model through its paces.

Kozlowski shows off the Google Play app store, plus a number of applications including the Marvel Comics reader, Moon+ Reader, and the Kindle app. In the end, they all look pretty good. There’s the e-ink refresh flicker on zoom that’s to be expected, but the surprising thing is how little of it there is and how soon it’s over.

Kozlowski has also added a couple of perks to the Indiegogo campaign, including an extra stylus for $29, as well as a bundle including the extra stylus and a slipcover case for $729.

The campaign seems to have done pretty well over the last few days. At present, it’s up to $27,376 with 46 backers, which is 65% of its $42,000 goal, and it still has nearly the whole two months left in which to reach it. It seems pretty clear this campaign is going to fund. It will be interesting to see how well Kozlowski can fulfill it.


  1. Thanks for the support Chris! I certainly am not going to count the chickens before they hatch, but we’re at 73% now in the first five days, which hopefully will bode will for getting completely funded.

    It looks like people are responding to a 13.3 inch e-reader, which is not that surprising. The e-reader industry seems to be in a holding pattern right now with six inch devices, hopefully if our campaign is successful it will help drive innovation.

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