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  1. Looking between the print book and screen book, what composite could combine the best and not the worst of the two prototypes? The composite would use the economic and material attributes of the physical book and the visual and connective flexibility of the screen book.

    To wit; an inexpensive thin screen title. Each ITST book would be sold with its locked, resident content. It would be owned outright and could be collected into physical libraries but would also provide ancillary content and off-line-on-line directory easily up-dated. The ITST would weight only a few grams and be only a few millimeters thin with a screen dimension in three options of phone, tablet or lap-top sizes. These modules, like CDs would shelve compactly. The screen display would be electrophoric with touch navigation. Like an electronic toothbrush, the entire library could be recharged as needed.

    What is not to like?

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