thubmain-420x0.jpgThat’s what Book Bee is reporting today. The new device, however, is a bit of a different beast.

The centrepiece for T-Hub is a tablet device with a 18cm touchscreen that sits in a cradle and hooks in to Telstra’s fixed line and broadband networks. It is only available to Telstra customers. The package comes with one cordless handset but up to five can be added at additional cost. Calls can also be made handsfree using the touchscreen.

Since T-Hub is always connected to the internet, users can use it to browse the web, access social media applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace, check the daily weather and access news, sports scores, stock prices and other information via BigPond’s online portals. Other apps and features such as a music player, video player, digital photo frame program, digital radio, contacts book, notepad, White Pages, Yellow Pages, calendar and visual voicemail are included, with content added to the device using the SD card or USB slots.

More info here.


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