12 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Book Cover DesignerOver at Book Bub, they’ve found that “a cover alone can account for more than a 30 percent difference in clicks” in listings there.

But how to evaluate the pros you’ll probably need for optimal results?

Here are 12 suggested questions from Book Bub:

1. “What covers have you designed in my genre?”

2. “What is your process for developing a concept for a design?”

3. “Are you available to create custom images for which I’d have sole rights?”

4. “Can I see your complete portfolio?”

5. “What are your fees and payment structure?”

6. “Do you offer a no-risk money back guarantee?”

7. “What will the design process look like?”

8. “How will you deliver the final product?”

9. “What is your average turnaround time?”

10. “Will you also be available for additional projects?”

11. “What is your communications style?”

12. “Do you have any references?”

Hmm. You could ask many of these same questions when shopping for freelance editors.

Go to Book Bub for the details, then feel free to speak up in our comments area if you have advice to add about hiring designers or editors.

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(Via the eBook Community list.)


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