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From the press release:

This fall, students at colleges and universities with bookstores managed by Follett Higher Education Group will have another digital textbook option. Follett and Inkling Systems, Inc. today announced a partnership to offer Inkling’s enhanced, interactive digital textbooks through the more than 900 college stores operated by Follett as well as online via®. Inkling’s interactive textbooks will be available to Follett students through any Web browser and also on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  Inkling titles include numerous features such as video, interactive assessments, animation, music, slideshows and 3D models.

Follett’s partnership will also give students the option of purchasing the entire Inkling textbook or the ability to “Pick 3”: a cost-saving alternative that allows students to buy just three chapters for a fraction of the price of a full textbook.

Through the agreement, Follett continues to expand its strong assortment of digital textbook offerings, which includes more than 35,000 titles on its popular CafeScribe® platform.  Follett also becomes the largest distributor of Inkling products. 

“Through our partnership with Inkling, we continue to deliver on our mission to provide students with the widest selection of affordable course material options,” said Thomas A. Christopher, President of Follett Higher Education Group. “Inkling’s new browser-based platform also allows us to continue our focus on providing students digital content on a variety of devices to give students better access to the materials they need to succeed.” 

Follett will offer Inkling’s growing assortment of titles, including some of the most popular titles, plus specialized titles in the medical, MBA and scientific fields.  Follett students, for the first time will have the flexibility to purchase Inkling titles using multiple forms of payment, including financial aid or campus cards.  Students will also have the convenience of purchasing Inkling titles in Follett’s more than 900 stores or online through

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