HypeForTypeTypographic talent showcase HypeForType has announced a free offer that could be useful for many self-publishing authors, small publishers, and ebook creators. In return for subscribing to its mailing list, the site will send you 30 free fonts, for use in your latest project.

“We’re building the best new font website on the planet,” the offer claims. Certainly, looking at the display screen, many of the fonts look as though they could have a lot of potential for eye-catching cover design or interior typesetting. Brush scripts, which give that hand-painted look to a title or author name, are just some of the delights in the main HypeForType site.

“HypeForType is a growing hotbed of top typographic talent,” says the site’s intro blurb, “born out of the (slightly) obsessive quest for fontal perfection and more respect for the art of beautifully crafted type of one Alex Haigh [with]… the vision of creating a type foundry to showcase the best in today’s typographic talent.” Right now, it claims to offer “over 25,000 beautifully handcrafted fonts and designer exclusives from world-class top type talent.”

I haven’t tried the fonts themselves yet, but with one new ebook out soon, I very probably will. For all under-resourced self-published or indie publishing projects out there, this could be great type for hype.


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