girl-in-ghana-africa-with-worldreader-amazon-kindle.jpgAn email from reader David Cassel:

A team of seven people just began delivering Kindles filled with ebooks to students in a village in Ghana!

It’s the pilot program for a new charity hoping to improve third world education using ebooks, using digital readers in remote villages to “put a library of books within reach of every family on the planet.” The organizers are maintaining an inspiring blog, saying that each delivery “was as if we were handing someone raw power,” and noting that it seems to be having a positive impact on the rest of the community. And Amazon even posted pictures on their Kindle Facebook page, starting a global conversation about the project which gave over a thousand people worldwide a chance to show their support.”


  1. Sounds like a cool project, but the linked article mentions that the pilot program area in Ghana doesn’t have mains electricity. That means most families probably don’t have electric light at night time, which is a shame and could have been an argument for a backlit screen of some sort (Ipad?).
    On the other hand, if you don’t have grid electricity, being able to go a few weeks between recharges is probably a big plus

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