koboGloAd.pngAccording to a current posting on the Kobo website, the company is offering a $5 credit for any first-time users who want to register with its service. Just click through the account signup process, and it appears that new account holders will get their offer.

Kobo’s offer seems to be a retread of a previous one which closed at end October 2015. The duration on the current promotion isn’t clear. However, if the previous go-round is anything to go by, Kobo may be back to the market soon with a similar promotion, even if you miss it this time.

As for what you would get if you did sign up, Kobo is currently offering “over 4 million of the world’s best eBooks. Read anywhere, on any device with the free Kobo app or on our award-winning Kobo eReaders.” And not everyone is that enthused by their service – Joanna Cabot for one. Under its new Japanese owner Rakuten, Canada’s answer to Amazon appears determined to stay in the ebook game, despite some less than stellar recent performance, so if you do take the time to sign up for a Kobo account, it will probably be with you for quite some years to come. Why you would choose to do this in preference to, or as well as, Amazon, is a matter for you, of course.


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