I tried Pulse several years ago when it was one of the few news readers in the Barnes & Noble Nook App store. I wasn’t impressed with the interface, and uninstalled it. But if LinkedIn buys it, I just might reconsider. Why?

No, I don’t need another news reader. I’m perfectly happy with Flipboard for my general news needs. However, LinkedIn + Pulse could be very interesting to a small business owner or salesperson who wants intelligence on prospects, competition or strategic referral partners.

Peter Kafka from All Things D clued me in on what LinkedIn might be thinking. Check out the video, especially around the 50 second mark.

Cool, isn’t it? Think about the possibilities. Search someone on LinkedIn. Find profile and associated news and video. Perhaps we’ll even be able to create custom feeds to keep up with the news on that particular person.

Can we do all that now, with existing apps and technology? Of course. But if LinkedIn and Pulse can make it easier, why not take advantage of it? I don’t want to get too excited until we see exactly what LinkedIn has in mind, but this could be an excellent tool for entrepreneurs, authors and many others.

LinkedIn hasn’t gotten me excited in quite a while. ‘Bout time they changed that.


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