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California Kids Get Social Media ‘Eraser’—But it Might Not Work (The Digital Shift)
Kids in California now have the legal right to erase their social media posts—a positive step toward giving them greater control over their online identities, or is it?

Seeking a Path Toward Open Access for Books (The Scholarly Kitchen)
A friend recently asked me to give some thought as to how to devise a financially sustainable program to make books open access (OA).  This is not an easy problem.

Kobo to Bring e-Readers and eBooks to Spain via La Central Bookstores (GoodeReader)
Kobo has just inked a new partnership with La Central Bookstores in Spain to bring its entire next generation tablets and e-readers to the public. Starting this November readers can buy the gadgets in the bookstore or shop for them online.

One Big Benefit of the Web: Social Media Emerges Wherever it’s Needed (Paid Content)
A one-man media operation that is devoted to reporting on news affecting the Jersey Shore area is another great example of a non-professional journalist stepping in to fill the needs of a community.

Kindle Daily Deals: The One-Way Bridge (and 4 others)

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