Continuing to put the craft back into Lovecraftian, Narragansett Beer Company has crafted another brew that bids to revive flagging spirits – and bodies. Reanimator Helles Lager is Narragansett’s latest tribute to Providence’s most illustrious son, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, commemorating one of his most famous tales, “Herbert West—Reanimator,” with a beer strong enough to wake the dead: “6.5% Alcohol by Volume and 35 IBUs.”

Narragansett’s own blurb about the beer runs:

It began with a serum. A serum that would force the unnatural, a serum that would bring life… to death. It was said that Herbert West once employed his concoction to pull a lifeless, battered boxer back from the netherworld. This is when the murmurs of West’s tampering with death began. When the whispered tale at last traveled from Arkham to Providence, our mission became clear. We would use it on one of our own fallen favorites: our beloved Bock beer.

The reanimating serum in Stuart Gordon’s now-legendary film version of the tale is a fluorescent green substance – and fortunately, Narragansett haven’t followed this tradition into the realms of green beer. As you can see from the poster, though, they are offering a free screening of the film at the grand launch party on October 10th, simultaneously celebrating the 30th anniversary of the film’s release. Denizens of Providence, shamble, lurch, and drag yourselves to Providence’s Columbus Theater for what promises to be a great (coffin) opening.

“Reanimator is drier and hoppier than a traditional bock, and by dry-hopping at the end of the process we’ve added a full layer of spicy complexity on the palate and a sweet, floral aroma,” says Narragansett. Coming soon to a crypt near you …



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