Pixel Qi screens Pixel Qi is creating a new device that may well be the first of its kind—a self-contained 10” Pixel Qi monitor that connects to a laptop or “even some phones” (or, for that matter, a desktop) using wired or wireless USB.

Pixel Qi’s 10” $275 swap-in displays had been available for Samsung N130 and Lenovo S10 netbooks, but they required end-users to install the parts themselves. This new device would act as a fully-powered stand-alone monitor, useful for more screen area or for showing someone else screen data.

As far as I know, nobody’s come out with anything quite like this before; the closest thing has been some applications that let you use your iPad as an additional computer monitor. The Pixel Qi display would have the advantage of being fully readable in sunlight in either black-and-white or color LCD quality. No pricing has yet been announced.

If they just added a touchscreen layer that could simulate mouse taps, it might make for an interesting e-reading device: a tablet driven entirely off of a bigger computer’s processor power.


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