The Adobe Reader PDF viewer is now available for Android (requires version 2.1 or higher). I don’t use Android so I don’t know how well this reader works versus whatever PDF viewing capabilities already existed for the platform, but if any reader wants to send in a review we would be happy to run it!

Speaking of Android, apparently a Verizon employee left a next-generation Motorola Droid Shadow in a corporate gym. Gizmodo has the details and some tech specs (though they didn’t get to buy and disassemble this one). With a 4.3” screen and 16GB of internal storage, it could make quite a decent little e-book reader. There sure have been a lot of next-generation smartphone leaks going around lately, haven’t there?

Also from Gizmodo, Apple is once again offering a free iPod Touch to students who buy a Mac, from now through September 7th. Buy a Mac using an educational discount, and get a free 8-gig iPod Touch thrown in. If you’re a student in the market for a new computer and wouldn’t mind receiving a free e-reader and mobile browser device, don’t miss out!

And on the subject of Apple, the 2-year-old 8GB iPhone 3G is no longer available from Apple’s website, and Wal-Mart has dropped the price on the 16 GB iPhone 3GS to $97 (with contract, of course). Signs and portents point to the new high-definition iPhone hitting the market Really Soon Now.

Rob Beschizza on BoingBoing has a paragraph-long review of the $150 Aluratek Libre e-reader. He likes it for the most part, but notes there are some areas in which it is lacking (and Sony’s Pocket Reader only costs a little more).

Remember the Entourage Edge book-shaped reader, with LCD on one face and e-ink on the other? According to this press release, it’s going to be carried by educational supply company The Douglas Stewart company. (Nate the Great at The Digital Reader infers that this means it’s going to be sold in college bookstores, but the press release does not actually mention them.)

A report from Publishing Perspectives notes that Chinese e-reader manufacturer Hanwang has reached agreements to make 40 Chinese newspapers and 120 journals and magazines available in its e-book store, as well as 26,000 e-book titles. With more than 40 e-reader manufacturers in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong at the moment, competition there is particularly fierce.


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