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More and more innovative publishing methods are arising now that ebooks have become popular.  Note that few of them seem to be coming from the big publishers!

Slicebooks looks really interesting and they have just entered a private beta.  Here is what they say about their service:

There are a lot of confusing options for publishers to consider as they plot their digital strategies. We get this question from publishers all the time. What is Slicebooks and how can it help me compete?

Briefly, here is the why and how of Slicebooks.

Slicebooks helps publishers fight back with their existing content

The Internet has been a blessing and a curse to book publishers. While providing a forum for selling eBooks, it competes for customer attention and cannibalizes publisher sales with random short content of dubious quality.  It has also taught customers to expect choice, flexibility and instant access to content whenever it is desired. Slicebooks, a new short content publishing platform developed by eBookPie, enables publishers to affordably leverage their existing catalogues to quickly produce premium digital content that can win back customers – and sales revenues – lost to the internet.

Slice, remix and publish digital content in minutes with Slicebooks

Using the Slicebooks web interface, publishers can quickly chunk & remix front and backlist titles into marketable packages. It is easy to slice one book, a few, or even thousands in batches.  eChapter slices and custom remixes can be published automatically on eBookPie, distributed to leading retailers or downloaded to the publisher’s own sales channels.

Publisher Dashboard gives publishers full control over metadata

With the powerful Publisher Dashboard publishers have detailed control over book metadata, and can assign ISBNs. Metadata can be exported in either ONIX  or .csv formats, making distribution easy. Individual chapters can be priced and sold individually online, remixed into custom collections, or used to cross-market the entire catalog.

Why short content?

Here are just a few of the many examples of how readers now commonly use customized short content:

  • Professors and trainers mix and match class manuals that fit their unique curricula.
  • Travelers create custom guide books.
  • Health and business professionals slice time-sensitive content to suit their particular research and training needs.
  • Computer programmers need help with just one string of code, or a quick tutorial slice buried in a larger manual

Just like with music, readers often only want a slice of content

And they will scour the search engines to find it. By creating an abundance of affordable, easy to find and professionally-produced short content — all from their existing catalogues — publishers can regain lost sales, rejuvenate their backlist, cross-promote their entire catalog and give their customers the choice and flexibility the Internet has taught them to expect.

With Slicebooks, everyone wins – Consumers, Authors and Publishers.

Consumers win because they can purchase just the content they need while being reassured that it has endured the editorial scrutiny that has defined publishing for centuries.

Authors win because they get paid royalties every time someone buys a new slice of their books.

And publishers win because they finally are able to sell their content in the ways that consumers increasingly wish to buy it, but with none of the technological headaches that used to accompany content sales.”


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