ASSERPRESS_siteLogo.jpgFrom the press release:

Springer and T.M.C. Asser Press, a prominent Dutch specialist publisher for international law, have signed an exclusive agreement on their future collaboration. Under the agreement, Springer is to handle the marketing and distribution of T.M.C. Asser Press’s English language book program. Asser will continue to be responsible for its program planning and title development with its authors. The agreement also provides a framework for Springer handling the production of the 35 Asser Press English-language titles annually and its backlist. They will all continue to be branded as T.M.C. Asser Press titles. Marketing and distribution for the book portfolio were previously handled by Cambridge University Press.

The first titles will arrive at Springer for production in August 2010. Springer will publish all new T.M.C Asser Press titles on its online platform, marketing them worldwide with its existing eBook packages as well as producing the books in print-to-order (PTO) format. The metadata for the individual titles, such as ISBN, title and author, allow them to be clearly identified as T.M.C. Asser Press titles and hence quickly to be located on the Springer website.


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