Weekend RoundupIndia’s OMICS Publishing Group threatens scholarly critic with $1 billion lawsuit, jail time (Boing Boing)
OMICS Publishing Group, an Indian scholarly publisher has threatened to sue one of its critics, Metadata librarian Jeffrey Beall, for $1 billion, and has threatened him with prison time over posts he made to his prominent Scholarly Open Access site.

Changes at The New York Times Book Review (New York Observer)
The New York Times Book Review is modernizing under the editorship of Pamela Paul, who was appointed to the position in early April.

The Astoria Bookshop to Open This August on 31st Street (We Heart Astoria)
I’ll just let that title sink in for a minute. Astoria is really getting its first independently run bookstore.

Redefining the Author Appearance: Four Proposed Categories (Huff Po)
I took my friend to a local bookstore to listen to a well-known, New York Times bestselling author speak. He was excited. He had never listened to an author speak before…

Google Glass: No, You Can’t Read A Book On It (Publishers Weekly)
No, it’s not “Augmented Reality” (at least most of the time) and no it doesn’t record video of everything you see, nor can it be used to play games or run apps.

Kindle Daily DealsFive Little Pigs by Agatha Christie (and 3 others)


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