hugo nominations 2014Eight Books You Need To Know About To Understand The Hugo Awards Snafu (iO9)
This year’s Hugo Awards controversy is confusing. There are two kinds of puppies! Are the puppies against diversity, or literary snobbery? And so on. But really, this is all about books, and particularly what kind of books we’re supposed to celebrate. So here are eight books that can help you understand the Hugo mess.

TeleRead Take: On the off chance you weren’t completely sick of the whole issue. However, the article lists some excellent books, so feel free to look at the pretty book covers and ignore the article. 😉

The Famous Optical Illusion Hidden in Every Typeface—Including This One (iO9)
Hidden in the vast majority of typefaces is one of the most well-known optical illusions in the world.

TeleRead Take: This was pretty cool, even for people like me who aren’t that interested in typography.

Can Barnes & Noble turn the page with revamped ecommerce? (diginomica)
Barnes & Noble will this week launch a redesigned ecommerce web site. But will that be enough to get the firm back on the right page?

TeleRead Take: I certainly hope so. I haven’t sold a book on Nook in over a year. However, I’m dubious.

KDP Select’s New Royalty is Estimated to be Around Half a Cent Per Page (Ink, Bits, & Pixels)
Amazon hasn’t announced the total funding for KDP Select for July, and we obviously don’t know how many pages will be read. So at this point the payment per page is a little hard to pin down, but one author has come up with an estimate based on what we know about current activity.

TeleRead Take: And people were complaining before about the low payout. Let the screaming continue.

Sorry about scraping the bottom of the barrel for good links today. I’m sure everyone will stop being distracted by Scribd and Apple Music after the 4th of July holiday. No links tomorrow so enjoy the holiday, US readers. And enjoy the weekend for those of you in the rest of the world.

Kindle Daily Deals: Faceless Killers (and others)


  1. Since the B&N website revamp, I can no longer read my purchased ebooks from the website, like I used to, and some of the searches I used to use no longer work. Seems like the revamp is not a step forward.

  2. Interesting B&N story. We need to be sure to mention that on the podcast today, in conjunction with the Amazon appeal story, as further proof that Amazon simply won by doing everything right, while its competitors are still messing around trying to get anything to work.

  3. I’ll note that they took the website down at least twice on Tuesday during the upgrade, and when I complained about not being able to read my ebooks from the website on Wednesday, the customer service drone said that they were still working on the upgrade and to try again later. I also used to get a lot of invalid request errors from B&N’s website, especially if I opened multiple tabs, and I got at least one yesterday, so they didn’t fix that issue either.

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